We'll be glad to take telephone orders using Visa and MasterCard. 

Call us at (304) 538-2605 daily between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) to place your order by phone. We ship by UPS. You may also order by emailing We can also mail you an order form if you leave your mailing address with us by email or phone.


Maryland residents: Unfortunately, Maryland law prohibits our shipping wines directly to you. However, we have expanded our retailers in Maryland so please refer to our list of Maryland retailers to find our wine near you.


Where to find our wines: Our wines are available at a wide number of retailers in West Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Ohio, so see our retailers list.




Prices at the Winery:


  Quantity      Price

1              $11

3              $30

                12 (case)   $100

Mail Order: Total Price including shipping to locations in West Virginia* - additional shipping charge will be added for other states. Minimum order four bottles.

    Quantity    Price 

4              $60

6              $73

        12 (case)  $140


Mail ordering in is available in quantities listed, with a minimum of four bottles per order. *Prices include all taxes, shipping and handling in West Virginia - an additional shipping charge will be added for other states. You may mix any combination of wines to make an order.